November brought the first snowstorm of the season to the Midwest. Some of us had over 10 inches of snow. That storm was an early reminder of just how brutal and unpredictable winter in Illinois can be. Are you prepared for winter and all the uncertainty the cold and snow can bring? Living in your own home, townhome or apartment requires that you prepare for the coming weather changes. The residents of Monarch Landing welcome the new season. Here are some ideas for older adults preparing for the winter in both settings.

Living on your own

Prepare for being outside. Do you have hats, gloves, coats, socks and nonslip boots to keep you warm and safe while outside? Be sure to have a supply of ice melt or salt on hand for your walkway, driveway and sidewalk. Are your shovels and snow blowers in good working condition?

Prepare for keeping warm indoors. Check your windows and doors for cold air penetration. Do they need to be reinforced or caulked? Would a draft dodger at the bottom of the door or on the window sill help to keep the cold air out? Is your thermostat in good working condition?

Prepare for driving during the winter months. Is your car ready for cold and snow? Winterize your car by changing the oil, checking tire pressure, filling windshield wiper fluid and be sure that your headlights and turn signals are working. Do you have a roadside assistance service or garage that can come to your assistance in an emergency?

Prepare for being stuck at home. Prepare for being home for an extended period of time. Do you have enough healthy, nutritious food on hand in case you’re stuck in the house for a while? Do you have enough medications on hand? Candles and flashlights in case you lose power?

How will you avoid cabin fever? Feelings of loneliness and isolation grow during the dark and cold winter months. Reach out to family members and friends via phone or the internet. Daily interaction with them can make a big difference in your mood.

Living at Monarch Landing

Prepare for being outside. Residents only go out, if they choose to do so. No need to worry about being outside for long periods of time. Our Maintenance Crew will take care of all of the shoveling, ice and removing snow.

Prepare for keeping warm indoors. No worries keeping warm. Even the indoor pool is kept at over 80 degrees! Residents enjoy visiting around the fireplace in the Milestone Lounge or Riverwalk Café. No worries about a skyrocketing heating bill, it’s included in the monthly service fee.

Prepare for driving during the winter months. No need to take your car out during the winter. The Shuttle Service and Transportation Team can do all the driving for you. You just need to let us know where you need to go and we’ll do the rest for you!

Prepare for being stuck at home. Not a problem at Monarch Landing! You can enjoy several dining venues for a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Marketplace sells all of the essentials you need in your apartment. Local pharmacies can deliver your medications right to Monarch Landing.

How will you avoid cabin fever? With over 70 Clubs, an indoor Fitness Center, heated swimming pool and a range of activities throughout the day, residents have found the cure for cabin fever! You choose when and how you want to socialize at Monarch Landing.

It is inevitable. Winter, snow and cold are just around the corner. How are you preparing for it? Call (630) 442-0277 to schedule an appointment and learn more about Monarch Landing today!