Admit it.  A lot of recommendations for achieving optimal well-being are simply not all that much fun.  Healthy eating?  Not fun. Getting a lot of sleep?  Feels good but fun? Not really. Exercise?  Necessary for sure, and maybe pleasant… but you probably wouldn’t go straight to fun.

So where’s the fun in your well-being?  It’s in pursuing your hobbies or favorite past times.  You’ve worked hard your whole life. You deserve to engage now, in what interests you most, and in doing so, have fun and contribute to your well-being.

Research shows that engaging in activities that you enjoy, can delay the signs of aging, decrease the likelihood of depression, and stave off dementia.

Furthermore, hobbies which offer mental stimulation, can help improve memory and enhance your problem solving skills.

Hobbies are a great way to create and maintain social opportunities. What better way to spend your time, than with people who share similar interests! Hobbies help instill and maintain a connection to others.

Hobbies are shown to help people de-stress… so consider what that’s doing to your blood pressure!

Residents at Monarch Landing pursue life-long hobbies such as art, woodworking, gardening, model railroading and travel, just to name a few.  Furthermore, they now have the time for new activities that they possibly didn’t have time to pursue before.

And in spending time doing things they love, they’re having fun, while contributing to their well-being.