Despite conventional wisdom to the contrary, it’s not all about the turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Granted, food is certainly front and center at Thanksgiving. But the holiday is more importantly, an opportunity to practice one of the most powerful health promoting acts that exist…the act of being grateful.

Obviously, being grateful makes you feel happy and that in turn feels good. But gratitude goes further than that.

Research shows that grateful people take better care of themselves and engage in healthy behaviors including exercise, following a healthy diet and pursuing regular health exams. Additionally, optimism, which is tied closely to gratitude, boosts the immune system.

People tend to feel more pleasure, energy and inner peace when they engage in identifying things that give them joy. The actual act of writing down the things that make them grateful, is reported to improve sleep quality, which in turn improves health.

Residents at Monarch Landing lead vital, active and engaging lives. They tell us that they are grateful for their fabulous lifestyles including beautiful, maintenance-free apartment homes, abundant programs, activities and events, great dining options and being surrounded by wonderful friends.

As research supports, thankfulness leads to wellness.