Heart Health

When it comes to matters of love, February is the most appropriate month. After all, over the next few weeks Cupid’s arrow will fly, conversation hearts will inquire, chocolates will entice and flowers will enchant. However, with all of these kind-hearted gestures, it is easy to overlook February’s most symbolic insignia: the heart.

The heart is a mighty organ. It works tirelessly each day pumping about 2,000 gallons of oxygen-rich blood out to the body. The blood then provides the body with the oxygen and nutrients it needs, and carries away waste. The heart beats an average of 100,000 times each day to get this job done, and rarely complains! Therefore, it is only fair that you make cardiovascular health a concern.

The reality is that heart disease is currently the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Coronary artery disease, also called coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease, is the condition in which plaque, made up of fat, cholesterol, calcium and other substances in the blood, builds up inside the coronary arteries. Risk factors include smoking, a high-fat diet and an inactive lifestyle.

However, making healthy choices and managing health conditions can often prevent heart disease. Additionally, communities, health professionals, and families working together can create opportunities for people to make healthier choices and improve cardiovascular health in their everyday life.

Monarch Landing’s comprehensive wellness program offers residents beneficial activities that promote overall health and well-being. Some of these options include various fitness classes to encourage healthy aging, preventive care programs, health education seminars, and full access to the phenomenal on-campus Medical Center.

Additionally, professional chefs devise changing, seasonal menus based on variety, freshness, excellent nutrition, and a focus on quality ingredients, minimal additives, and a choice of heart-healthy and sweet-smart alternatives. It’s enough to make your heart skip a beat (in a good way).

If you do one thing this month to ensure your adoration for your loved ones, as well as for your self, be sure to show your mighty heart some love!