Flexible, Affordable Pricing

When all is said and done, living at Monarch Landing will very likely cost you less than maintaining your current residence. Two expenditures will be necessary in order to become part of the Monarch Landing community, and both will vary according to the size of the apartment home you choose:

  • Admission Payment (partially refundable*)
  • Monthly Service Package

Once you’ve made your initial partially refundable Admission Payment, virtually all of your Monarch Landing living expenses are covered by one pre-arranged monthly fee that allows you to enjoy all of our services, conveniences and amenities. For those on a fixed income, this is an invaluable, tangible relief. And, the flexibility to set your own monthly expenditure, according to which of our 28 apartment homes you choose, can measurably improve the quality of your daily life. This is one monthly fee that gives you more for your money!

For detailed information and specific facts and figures as they relate to our selection of apartment homes, talk to our Sales Counselor.

*Per Residency & Care Agreement