Healthy aging at Monarch Landing.

You don’t come to Monarch Landing to wear out the cushions on an easy chair – you come here to bloom. To settle in comfortably, then see how far you can branch out.

Our goal is to keep you feeling well, with a reservoir of energy that allows you to make the most of the time and the stimulating activities available to you at Monarch Landing.

We’re not like most retirement homes in Chicago – we offer fitness coaches and classes, games, group outings and a full spectrum of fitness facilities to help maintain your physical fitness, flexibility and strength. But as always, you’ll find that the connection between body and mind are indelible and undeniable.

When you’re feeling better, you do more living.

Dr. Gus, head of our medical program, takes your emotional and intellectual health as seriously as your physical fitness.

Through his popular health care forums, plus guest lecturers, seminars and reading materials, you’ll learn more about potential health care issues for seniors, and strategies for maintaining good health.

You’ll discuss diet and nutrition, medical breakthroughs and new discoveries. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself stepping confidently into activities that keep you active and energized – from line-dancing to golf, gardening –maybe even yoga.

Most importantly, through all of the activities you participate in, all the discussions, clubs, parties and committees – even card games with your friends – you’re exercising and challenging your brain, socializing and feeling, well… fantastic! Welcome to wellness at Monarch Landing.