Spring Fever Heals Us, Body and Soul

Ah, spring. We’ve anticipated its arrival since December 22, when the days began to grow longer by the tiniest of increments. About now, sunset is inching toward 6:00 p.m. CST and on March 11, when we “spring ahead” an hour, the sun will slip below the horizon at...

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Love is in the air…no matter your age.

The month dedicated to hearts and flowers is the perfect time to celebrate romance—no matter what your age. American culture may be fixated on youth and beauty, but the real experts on keeping love alive are often several decades older. Like Monarch Landing residents...

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Chocolate: How Sweet – And Healthy – It Is

What if you found out you could spend an entire afternoon eating chocolate and not only not feel guilty about it, but feel great because of all the health benefits? That’s the sweet news that participants in the 3rd annual Downtown Chocolate Walk in Naperville are in...

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Resolution to Have a Great New Year!

A clean slate, new beginning, next chapter, turning over a new leaf…the new year has a long tradition of serving as a great opportunity to make changes in your life. New Year’s resolutions are promises that you make to yourself, ideally to improve your life over the...

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