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Millstone Restaurant

Shrimp quesadilla, veal marsala, bourbon salmon, cavatappi pasta marinara? Yes, please! Sound like some entrees from your favorite fine dining establishment? It does! And if you live at Monarch Landing, it very possibly is! Fine, upscale dining, once a luxury, has become a basic requirement for the discriminating population choosing to move to senior living communities.

Gone, gone, gone are the days of lines of people clutching plastic trays as they stand in line, waiting to be served up rubbery chicken and canned corn. The seniors of today and the future are highly educated, successful, well-traveled, and demanding in terms of the amenities they want and in fact deserve. The residents of retirement communities such as Monarch Landing, are dining in upscale restaurant settings, choosing from extensive menus of fresh and appealing entrees, and being waited on by uniformed staff.

Food at retirement communities must be healthy and meet a plethora of dietary restrictions and needs. But this doesn’t mean any longer, that meals need to be bland and tasteless. Senior communities are increasingly recruiting trained chefs from outside of their industry to bring their flair and expertise into the industry, focusing on executive chefs from hotels, upscale restaurants and country clubs.

Dining is important for more than just the palate pleasing component. Sharing meals together is increasingly recognized and in fact embraced as an opportunity to socialize. The better the meal, the more enjoyable, and the more it promotes socialization and engagement…either with one’s fellow residents and/or with family and friends that residents invite to join them.

Outside of our doors at Monarch Landing, Naperville boasts a veritable treasure trove of eateries, including casual, upscale, ethnic, and eclectic restaurants. Residents have a special opportunity to check these out during Naperville Restaurant Week.   Opportunity to…but clearly, with our own Millstone Restaurant, no need to brave the winter weather outside for top notch fare.